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Lonka, Kirsti - Phenomenal Learning from Finland, ebook

Phenomenal Learning from Finland

Lonka, Kirsti


She has worked in many countries on several continents to bring the latest innovations and ideas to Finnish education. She is an international researcher and keynote speaker who has inspired thousands of teachers globally.

Lemaître, Denis - Training Engineers for Innovation, ebook

Training Engineers for Innovation

Lemaître, Denis


Throughout history, engineers have been defined as those who bring technological innovation to society. However, the concept of innovation and the role of the engineer are now changing as a result of globalization, the digital revolution, growing inequalities

Li, Kam Cheong - Innovations in Open and Flexible Education, ebook

Innovations in Open and Flexible Education

Li, Kam Cheong


How to Incorporate Open Educational Resources (OER) into the Infrastructure and Pedagogy for Promoting Ubiquitous Learning
Kamalika Banerjee
17. Using Videos in Blended Learning: Pitfalls and Success Factors
Billy Tak Ming Wong, Beryl Yuen Yee Wong

Long, Mike - Second Language Acquisition and Task-Based Language Teaching, ebook

Second Language Acquisition and Task-Based Language Teaching

Long, Mike


Combines a survey of theory and research in instructed second language acquisition (ISLA) with insights from language teaching and the philosophy of education Details best practice for TBLT programs, including discussion of learner needs and means analysis; syllabus design; materials writing; choice of

Babione, Carolyn - Practitioner Teacher Inquiry and Research, ebook

Practitioner Teacher Inquiry and Research

Babione, Carolyn


The book's discussion includes topics such as: Underlying cultural and historical perspectives surrounding the teaching professionHidden stereotypes that limit teacher beliefs about power and voiceCurrent curriculum innovation and reflections on modern developments