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 - Innovation: Essentials from Leader to Leader, ebook

Innovation: Essentials from Leader to Leader


Innovation is necessary for creating a bright, competitive future. In this collection, you’ll find important insights on innovation drawn from the pages of the award-winning publication Leader to Leader. Written by some of the country’s top

Toivonen, Marja - Service Innovation, ebook

Service Innovation

Toivonen, Marja


Service Ecosystems Innovation in Systemic Perspective: Transitions and Coevolutions
Kyoichi Kijima, Marja Toivonen, Sampsa Ruutu
4. Social Innovation and its Relationships with Service and System Innovations
Luis Rubalcaba

Jeschke, Sabina - Enabling Innovation, ebook

Enabling Innovation

Jeschke, Sabina


Integrating Innovation, Work, and Learning in Higher Education – The Case of Work Based Learning Frameworks
Barbara Light, Ernst Hartmann
17. Challenges and Perspectives concerning the Integration of Vocational Learning into Higher Education
Rita Meyer