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Sindakis, Stavros - The Entrepreneurial Rise in Southeast Asia, ebook

The Entrepreneurial Rise in Southeast Asia

Sindakis, Stavros


Entrepreneurial Rise and Technological Innovation in Southeast Asia
Stavros Sindakis
Section I. Regional Innovative Capacity and New Business Creation
2. Innovation Strategies of New Product Development (NPD): Case of Thai Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Pfeffer, Thomas - Virtualization of Universities, ebook

Virtualization of Universities

Pfeffer, Thomas


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Thomas Pfeffer
2. The Evolution of Information and Communication Technologies
Thomas Pfeffer
3. Three Societal Function Systems and the Impact of Digital Media
Thomas Pfeffer
4. Preservation of Academic Knowledge Resources as Public Goods
Thomas Pfeffer

Gómez, Jaime Alonso - Entrepreneurial Universities, ebook

Entrepreneurial Universities

Gómez, Jaime Alonso


Activities Related to Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Academic Setting: A Literature Review
Ademar Schmitz, David Urbano, Maribel Guerrero, Gertrudes Aparecida Dandolini
2. The Influence of Entrepreneurship Education on Entrepreneurial Intentions

Allen, Jim - The Flexible Professional in the Knowledge Society, ebook

The Flexible Professional in the Knowledge Society

Allen, Jim


The Flexible Professional in the Knowledge Society: Required Competences and the Role of Higher Education
Rolf Velden, Jim Allen
3. The Professional Work of Graduates
Harald Schomburg
4. “Being Flexible”: Graduates Facing Changes in Their Work Environment

Fu, Xiaolan - The Rise of Technological Power in the South, ebook

The Rise of Technological Power in the South

Fu, Xiaolan


The Changing Geography of Innovation Activities: What do Patents Indicators Imply?
Xuan Li, Yogesh A. Pai
Part II. Policy, Strategy and Catch-up: Country Case Studies
5. China’s Catch-up and Innovation Model: A Case