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Roeser, Robert W. - Handbook of Mindfulness in Education, ebook

Handbook of Mindfulness in Education

Roeser, Robert W.


Cultivating Inner Resilience in Educators and Students: The Inner Resilience Program
Linda Lantieri, Madhavi Nambiar, Susanne Harnett, Eden Nagler Kyse
9. CARE for Teachers: A Mindfulness-Based Approach to Promoting Teachers’

Lehmijoki-Gardner, Maiju - Worldly saints, ebook

Worldly saints

Lehmijoki-Gardner, Maiju


The focus is on the hagiographic descriptions of these women’s active piety (vita activa) and their public presence in the world. This book examines how the Dominican penitents were actually situated in the world, and what were their techniques for saintly living