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Darrener, Adam - The Initiation, ebook

The Initiation

Darrener, Adam


Valerie's new boyfriend, Ken, has sent her a gift, an armglove, to add to her growing collection of bondage items. When her friend Helen calls unexpectedly, Valerie decides to try and shock her and asks Helen to help her 'try out' the gift. She has underestimated…

Faguet, Emile - Initiation into Philosophy, ebook

Initiation into Philosophy

Faguet, Emile


A fantastic look at the whole history of Philosophy from ancient times up to the beginnings of modern thinking. Covers all the major philosophers and philosophical theories, as well as the historical interplay between religion and philosophy.

Asay, Blaine - Non-Shock Initiation of Explosives, ebook

Non-Shock Initiation of Explosives

Asay, Blaine


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Blaine W. Asay
2. Transport Phenomena for Nonshock Initiation Processes
W. Lee Perry
3. The Chemical Kinetics of Solid Thermal Explosions
Bryan F. Henson, Laura B. Smilowitz
4. Classical Theory of Thermal Criticality
Larry G. Hill
5. Deflagration Phenomena

Kaplan, Daniel L. - The Initiation of DNA Replication in Eukaryotes, ebook

The Initiation of DNA Replication in Eukaryotes

Kaplan, Daniel L.


The Origin Recognition Complex in the Initiation of DNA Replication
Timothy Hoggard, Catherine A. Fox
10. Licensing of Replication Origins
Alberto Riera, Christian Speck
11. Coordination of DNA Replication and Histone Synthesis During S Phase

Downes, Nick - The Training Estate - Volume 1, ebook

The Training Estate - Volume 1

Downes, Nick


It is also a fearsome place for the trainers who have to endure three months of initiation, as if they were to become full time slaves themselves. Karen answers a discreetly worded advertisement and gains entrance to the exciting sexually charged world of the estate,

Downes, Nick - The Training Estate - Volume 3, ebook

The Training Estate - Volume 3

Downes, Nick


Life at the Peon Estate takes a new turn when one of the patrons arrives with his teenage son, who is about to get his first taste of dominance and slavery. Three girls also arrive at the Estate, in crates, about to get their first taste of submission…

Ahmad, S Rafi - Laser Ignition of Energetic Materials, ebook

Laser Ignition of Energetic Materials

Ahmad, S Rafi


The book gives an introduction to energetic materials and lasers, properties of such materials and the current methods for initiating energetic materials. The following chapters and sections highlight the properties of lasers, and safety aspects of their…