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Bishop, Wade - Geographic Information, ebook

Geographic Information

Bishop, Wade


Geographic Information, Maps, and GIS
Wade Bishop, Tony H. Grubesic
3. 0°: A Primer on Geographic Representation
Wade Bishop, Tony H. Grubesic
4. Policy
Wade Bishop, Tony H. Grubesic
5. Metadata
Wade Bishop, Tony H. Grubesic
6. Geoweb

Alcaraz, Marina - Digital Information Ecosystems: Smart Press, ebook

Digital Information Ecosystems: Smart Press

Alcaraz, Marina


Digital information, particularly for online newsgathering and reporting, is an industry fraught with uncertainty and rapid innovation. Digital Information Ecosystems: Smart Press crosses academic knowledge with research by media groups to understand

Gaussier, Eric - Textual Information Access: Statistical Models, ebook

Textual Information Access: Statistical Models

Gaussier, Eric


This book presents statistical models that have recently been developed within several research communities to access information contained in text collections. The problems considered are linked to applications aiming at facilitating information access:
- information extraction and

Carpentier, Nico  - Towards a Sustainable Information Society, ebook

Towards a Sustainable Information Society

Carpentier, Nico


The Information Society is one of the recurrent imaginaries to describe present-day structures, discourses and practices. Within its meaning is enshrined the promise of a better world, sometimes naively assuming a technological deus ex machina, in other cases hoping for the creation of policy

Stamp, Mark - Information Security: Principles and Practice, ebook

Information Security: Principles and Practice

Stamp, Mark

From 97,00€

As businesses and consumers become increasingly dependent on complex multinational information systems, it is more imperative than ever to protect the confidentiality and integrity of data. Featuring a wide array of new information

Gérard, Battail - Information and Life, ebook

Information and Life

Gérard, Battail


Information as a Scientific Entity
1. Introduction
Gérard Battail
2. What is Information?
Gérard Battail
3. Basic Principles of Communication Engineering
Gérard Battail
4. Information Theory as the Science of Literal Communication

Brotby, Krag - Information Security Governance, ebook

Information Security Governance

Brotby, Krag


This book provides an understanding of governance and its relevance to information security. It gives readers a clear, step-by-step approach to developing a sound security strategy aligned with their business objectives in order to ensure a predictable level of functionality and assurance.