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Faticoni, Theodore G. - The Mathematics of Infinity: A Guide to Great Ideas, ebook

The Mathematics of Infinity: A Guide to Great Ideas

Faticoni, Theodore G.


an enchanting book for those people in computer science or mathematics who are fascinated by the concept of infinity."—Computing Reviews
". . . a very well written introduction to set theory . . . easy to read and well suited for self-study . . . highly recommended."—Choice

Pataut, Fabrice - Truth, Objects, Infinity, ebook

Truth, Objects, Infinity

Pataut, Fabrice


Table of contents
Part I. Benacerraf’s Dilemma
1. McEvoy on Benacerraf’s Problem and the Epistemic Role Puzzle
Jody Azzouni
2. What Is the Benacerraf Problem?
Justin Clarke-Doane
3. Benacerraf’s Mathematical Antinomy

Bolender, John - Digital Social Mind, ebook

Digital Social Mind

Bolender, John


This book argues that relational cognition, a form of social cognition, exhibits digital infinity as does language. Copies of elementary models are combined and recursively nested to form a potentially infinite number of complex models. Just as one posits proof-theoretic grammars in order

Davis, Colin - Levinas: An Introduction, ebook

Levinas: An Introduction

Davis, Colin


In this much-needed introduction, Davis unpacks the concepts at the centre of Levinas's thought - alterity, the Other, the Face, infinity - concepts which have previously presented readers with major problems of interpretation.
Davis traces the development of Levinas's

Clark, Bob - Wittgenstein, Mathematics and World, ebook

Wittgenstein, Mathematics and World

Clark, Bob


Table of contents
1. The Problem Posed
Bob Clark
2. Fictionalism
Bob Clark
3. Infinity and Concept-Determination
Bob Clark
4. The Logical Must
Bob Clark
5. The Problem Solved
Bob Clark