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Chorafas, Dimitris N. - New Regulation of the Financial Industry, ebook

New Regulation of the Financial Industry

Chorafas, Dimitris N.


Written by a leading financial analyst, this new book provides a detailed overview of the new regulatory environment facing the financial industry. Whilst the 1980s and early 1990s focused on deregulation within the financial sector, today a key point of interest has become re-regulation

Hamacher, Theresa - The Fund Industry: How Your Money is Managed, ebook

The Fund Industry: How Your Money is Managed

Hamacher, Theresa


A guide to how your money is managed, with foreword by Nobel laureate Robert Shiller
The Fund Industry offers a comprehensive look at mutual funds and the investment management industry, for fund investors, those working in the fund industry,

Lavi, Mohan R. - The Impact of IFRS on Industry, ebook

The Impact of IFRS on Industry

Lavi, Mohan R.


The industry-specific guide to IFRS interpretation and application
One of the biggest challenges of any reporting standard is how best to interpret and implement it in the context of a specific company or industry, given that each industry

Harlaftis, Gelina - The World’s Key Industry, ebook

The World’s Key Industry

Harlaftis, Gelina


Government and the British Shipping Industry in the Later Twentieth Century
Sarah Palmer
9. Why They are Tall and We are Small! Competition between Antwerp and Rotterdam in the Twentieth Century
Stephan Vanfraechem
10. Institutional Path Dependence

Calabrese, Giuseppe - The Greening of the Automotive Industry, ebook

The Greening of the Automotive Industry

Calabrese, Giuseppe


Towards New R&D Processes for Sustainable Development in the Automotive Industry: Experiencing Innovative Design
Maria Elmquist, Blanche Segrestin
Part II. Technological Trajectories in Alternative Vehicles
6. Balancing a Strong Strategic Intent and

Jullien, Bernard - Industries and Globalization, ebook

Industries and Globalization

Jullien, Bernard


Introduction: Industries, Globalization and Politics
Bernard Jullien, Andy Smith
2. European Automobile Distribution: Globalization and Incomplete Liberalization
Bernard Jullien
3. Globalization Within the European Wine Industry: