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Hagen, Jens - Industrial Catalysis: A Practical Approach, ebook

Industrial Catalysis: A Practical Approach

Hagen, Jens


This book is the first emphasizing industrial aspects of catalysis and also particularly well suited to studying on one's own. It is dedicated to both, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis and in this second, edition biocatalysis,

Lloyd, Lawrie - Handbook of Industrial Catalysts, ebook

Handbook of Industrial Catalysts

Lloyd, Lawrie


Table of contents
1. Industrial Catalysts
Lawrie Lloyd
2. The First Catalysts
Lawrie Lloyd
3. Hydrogenation Catalysts
Lawrie Lloyd
4. Oxidation Catalysts
Lawrie Lloyd
5. Catalytic Cracking Catalysts
Lawrie Lloyd
6. Refinery Catalysts
Lawrie Lloyd
7. Petrochemical Catalysts

Guczi, László - Catalysis for Alternative Energy Generation, ebook

Catalysis for Alternative Energy Generation

Guczi, László


Table of contents
1. Introduction and General Overview
Gabriele Centi, Paola Lanzafame, Siglinda Perathoner
2. Catalytic Production of Liquid Hydrocarbon Transportation Fuels
Juan Carlos Serrano-Ruiz, James A. Dumesic
3. Utilization of Biogas as a Renewable Carbon Source: Dry Reforming of Methane