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Mota, Sarah da - NATO, Civilisation and Individuals, ebook

NATO, Civilisation and Individuals

Mota, Sarah da


Table of contents
1. Seeking Alternative Connections Between Civilisation and Security
Sarah da Mota
2. IR’s Disciplinary Connections with Western Civilisation
Sarah da Mota
3. Individualising Civilisation: The Civilised Subject of…

Morere, Donna - Assessing Literacy in Deaf Individuals, ebook

Assessing Literacy in Deaf Individuals

Morere, Donna


Table of contents
1. The “Toolkit Project”: Introduction
Elizabeth Halper, Thomas Allen, Donna A. Morere
2. The VL2 Toolkit Psychometric Study: Summary of Procedures and Description of Sample Characteristics
Thomas Allen, Donna A.…