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Simonton, Dean Keith - The Wiley Handbook of Genius, ebook

The Wiley Handbook of Genius

Simonton, Dean Keith


With contributions from a multi-disciplinary group of expert contributors, this is the first handbook to discuss all aspects of genius, a topic that endlessly provokes and fascinates.
 The first handbook to discuss all aspects of genius with

Gray, Jonathan - A Companion to Media Authorship, ebook

A Companion to Media Authorship

Gray, Jonathan


Rethinks cultures of authorship and challenges the concept of auteurism across multiple media formsMoves beyond notions of the individual to focus on how authorship is collaborative, contested, and networked, examining cultures of authorship and the practicalities

Haines-Gadd, Lilly - TRIZ For Dummies, ebook

TRIZ For Dummies

Haines-Gadd, Lilly


Inside, you'll find out how to successfully apply this problem-solving toolkit to benefit from the experience of the whole world—not just the spontaneous and occasional creativity of individuals or groups of engineers with an organisation. Learn to think like a

Dormandy, Thomas - Four Creators of Modern Medicine Moments of Truth, ebook

Four Creators of Modern Medicine Moments of Truth

Dormandy, Thomas


Who were the scientific geniuses behind some of the most innovative and important discoveries in modern medicine?   
 Medical science in the 21st century is continuing to advance, but the character of that advancement is now governed by research teams and committees.

Harackiewicz, Judith M. - The Science of  Interest, ebook

The Science of Interest

Harackiewicz, Judith M.


The Power Within: How Individual Interest Promotes Domain-Relevant Task Engagement
Amanda M. Durik, Meghan Huntoon Lindeman, Sarah L. Coley
8. On the Two Faces of Passion: The Harmonious and the Obsessive
Robert J. Vallerand
9. Creative Geniuses,

Kapilow, Rob - What Makes It Great: Short Masterpieces, Great Composers, ebook

What Makes It Great: Short Masterpieces, Great Composers

Kapilow, Rob


In this book, he focuses on short masterpieces by major composers to help you understand the essence of each composer's genius and how each piece—which can be heard on the book's web site—transformed the musical language of its time. Kapilow's down-to-earth

Mallozzi, Vincent - Doc: The Rise and Rise of Julius Erving, ebook

Doc: The Rise and Rise of Julius Erving

Mallozzi, Vincent


The definitive biography of basketball genius Julius Erving--the icon who transcended his sport and defined an era
Julius Erving, aka Dr. J, was a wizard with the basketball, performing feats the world had never seen before: midair spins and whirls punctuated by powerful slam dunks,