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Saugestad, Sidsel - The Inconvenient Indigenous, ebook

The Inconvenient Indigenous

Saugestad, Sidsel


The book deals with the relationship between the government of Botswana and its indigenous minority, known as Bushmen, San, Basarwa, or more recently N/oakwe, and tries to understand why the San people remain a marginalised minority in a country that since Independence in 1966 has committed

Stavenhagen, Rodolfo - The Emergence of Indigenous Peoples, ebook

The Emergence of Indigenous Peoples

Stavenhagen, Rodolfo


The Return of the Native: The Indigenous Challenge in Latin America (2002)
Rodolfo Stavenhagen
5. Indigenous Peoples in Comparative Perspective (2004)
Rodolfo Stavenhagen
6. Mexico’s Unfinished Symphony: The Zapatista Movement (2000)

Behrendt, Larissa - Indigenous Australia for Dummies, ebook

Indigenous Australia for Dummies

Behrendt, Larissa


A comprehensive, relevant, and accessible look at all aspects of Indigenous Australian history and culture
What is The Dreaming? How many different Indigenous tribes and languages once existed in Australia? What is the purpose of a corroboree? What

 - Indigenous Peoples and Real Estate Valuation, ebook

Indigenous Peoples and Real Estate Valuation


Introduction to the ARES Monograph on Indigenous Peoples and Real Estate Valuation
Robert A. Simons, Rachel Malmgren, Garrick Small
3. Indigenous Landholding Institutions as an Impediment to Economic Use of Land: Case Studies

Kuprecht, Karolina - Indigenous Peoples' Cultural Property Claims, ebook

Indigenous Peoples' Cultural Property Claims

Kuprecht, Karolina


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Karolina Kuprecht
2. Facts, Method, and Basic Concepts
Karolina Kuprecht
3. National Cultural Property Repatriation Claims of the Native Americans Native Americans
Karolina Kuprecht
4. International Cultural Property Repatriation Claims