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Behrendt, Larissa - Indigenous Australia for Dummies, ebook

Indigenous Australia for Dummies

Behrendt, Larissa


A comprehensive, relevant, and accessible look at all aspects of Indigenous Australian history and culture
What is The Dreaming? How many different Indigenous tribes and languages once existed in Australia? What is the purpose of a corroboree? What

Simpson, Jane - Language Practices of Indigenous Children and Youth, ebook

Language Practices of Indigenous Children and Youth

Simpson, Jane


Language Transition(s): School Responses to Recent Changes in Language Choice in a Northern Dene Community (Canada)
Dagmar Jung, Mark Klein, Sabine Stoll
4. From Home to School in Multilingual Arnhem Land: The Development of Yirrkala School’s Bilingual Curriculum

Gilmore, Perry - Kisisi (Our Language): The Story of Colin and Sadiki, ebook

Kisisi (Our Language): The Story of Colin and Sadiki

Gilmore, Perry


Part historic ethnography, part linguistic case study and part a mother’s memoir, Kisisi tells the story of two boys (Colin and Sadiki) who, together invented their own language, and of the friendship they shared in postcolonial Kenya. 
Documents and examines the invention

Adeniji-Neill, Dolapo - Indigenous Concepts of Education, ebook

Indigenous Concepts of Education

Adeniji-Neill, Dolapo


The Khoisan Indigenous Educational System and the Construction of Modern Khoisan Identities
Berte Wyk
3. Imagined Geographies and the Construction of the Campesino and Jíbaro Identities
Bethsaida Nieves
4. How Indigenous

Gorter, Durk - Minority Languages and Multilingual Education, ebook

Minority Languages and Multilingual Education

Gorter, Durk


Introduction: Minority Language Education Facing Major Local and Global Challenges
Durk Gorter, Victoria Zenotz, Jasone Cenoz
2. Adopting a Multilingual Habitus: What North and South Can Learn from Each Other About the Essential Role of Non-dominant Languages