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Hedgecock, Janice - Insurance in Clinical Trials, ebook

Insurance in Clinical Trials

Hedgecock, Janice


This monograph provides information on trial insurance: ethical and regulatory requirements, indemnity, how to arrange insurance and dealing with claims. Also provided are lists of global regulatory requirements for clinical trial insurance, an outline of a clinical

Brooks, Janine - How to Survive Dental Performance Difficulties, ebook

How to Survive Dental Performance Difficulties

Brooks, Janine


How to Survive Dental Performance Difficulties offers an authoritative guide for successfully navigating and overcoming dental performance issues.   Offers a practical guide for preventing and overcoming dental performance issues Highlights case studies…

Bunni, Nael G. - The FIDIC Forms of Contract, ebook

The FIDIC Forms of Contract

Bunni, Nael G.

From 198,90€

Important features of this book include:

· background and concepts of the various forms of contract;

· a detailed comparison of the wording of the1999 three main forms, which although similar in nature; it nevertheless significantly differs in certain areas

Hanson, Helen - The <Emphasis Type="Italic">Femme Fatale</Emphasis>: Images, Histories, Contexts, ebook

The Femme Fatale: Images, Histories, Contexts

Hanson, Helen


‘I Can’t Tell Anymore Whether You’re Lying’: Double Indemnity, Human Desire and the Narratology of Femmes Fatales
Steve Neale
15. ‘Well, Aren’t We Ambitious’, or ‘You’ve Made up Your Mind I’m Guilty’: Reading Women as Wicked in American

Langton, Jerry - Outlaw Biker: The Russian Connection, ebook

Outlaw Biker: The Russian Connection

Langton, Jerry


After falling into the biker world almost by accident, rising through the ranks of a major motorcycle gang and eventually betraying them to the FBI in return for indemnity and witness protection, Ned chafes at his boring mailroom job and the cheap apartment where the