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McDonald, Malcolm - Marketing and Finance: Creating Shareholder Value, ebook

Marketing and Finance: Creating Shareholder Value

McDonald, Malcolm


It connects marketing plans and investment to the valuation of the firm and how it can contribute to increasing stakeholder value. Completely revised and updated throughout, the Second Edition features new case examples as well as a completely new first chapter containing

DeMatteis, Bob - Essentials of Patents, ebook

Essentials of Patents

DeMatteis, Bob


It's emphasis is directed to patent management with the express emphasis of increasing shareholder value, and it's audience, each with its own chapter, includes the CEO / ICO, CFO, CTO, and cross functional managers of HR, Engineering,

Bournois, Frank - Handbook of Top Management Teams, ebook

Handbook of Top Management Teams

Bournois, Frank


Lessons from the Dark Side of Information Use: The Impact on People, Values and Company Performance
Donald A. Marchand
48. The Organisational Grapevine: Lessons for Business Leaders
Allan J. Kimmel
49. Multilingual Top Management Teams
Jane Henderson