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Folkers, Gerd - Predictive Toxicology: From Vision to Reality, Volume 64, ebook

Predictive Toxicology: From Vision to Reality, Volume 64

Folkers, Gerd


Emerging technologies in toxicity assessment are introduced and evaluated in terms of their predictive power, with separate sections on computer predictions and simulation methods, novel in vitro systems including those employing stem cells, toxicogenomics and novel

Paulnock, Donna M.  - Macrophages: A Practical Approach, ebook

Macrophages: A Practical Approach

Paulnock, Donna M.


Chapter four identifies the key issues relating to the study of macrophages as antigen presenting cells and has protocols for the major assays used to measure antigen processing and presentation. Also covered are the theoretical and practical issues related to the

Durán, Nelson - Nanotoxicology, ebook


Durán, Nelson


In Vitro Cytotoxicity Assays of Nanoparticles on Different Cell Lines
Patricia S. Melo, Priscyla D. Marcato, Daniele R. Araújo, Nelson Durán
6. Carbon Nanotubes: From Synthesis to Genotoxicity
Diego Stéfani T. Martinez, Leonardo P. Franchi, Camila M.

Grimm, Bernhard - Chlorophylls and Bacteriochlorophylls, ebook

Chlorophylls and Bacteriochlorophylls

Grimm, Bernhard


[Heavy metal]-Chlorophylls Formed in Vivo During Heavy Metal Stress and Degradation Products Formed During Digestion, Extraction and Storage of Plant Material
Hendrik Küpper, Frithjof C. Küpper, Martin Spiller
6. Spectroscopy and Structure Determination

Basu, Samar - Studies on Experimental Models, ebook

Studies on Experimental Models

Basu, Samar


In vivo Imaging of Antioxidant Effects on NF-κB Activity in Reporter Mice
Ingvild Paur, Harald Carlsen, Rune Blomhoff
8. MPTP and Oxidative Stress: It’s Complicated!
V. Jackson-Lewis, M. A. Tocilescu, R. DeVries, D. M. Alessi, S. Przedborski
9. Oxidative