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Lau, Lawrence - Radiological Safety and Quality, ebook

Radiological Safety and Quality

Lau, Lawrence


Radiological Safety and Quality: Paradigms in Leadership and Innovation
Lawrence Lau, Kwan-Hoong Ng
2. How Radiation Protection Influences Quality in Radiology
Eliseo Vano, Kwan-Hoong Ng, Lawrence Lau
3. Dose Assessment in the Management of Patient

Milner, Ross - Difficult Decisions in Vascular Surgery, ebook

Difficult Decisions in Vascular Surgery

Milner, Ross


Does EVAR Improve Outcomes or Quality of Life in Patients Unfit for Open Surgery?
Tadaki M. Tomita, Andrew W. Hoel
9. In Patients with Type 2 Endoleaks Does Intervention Reduce Aneurysm Related Morbidity and Mortality Compared to Observation?
Lisa Kang,

Phillips-Wren, Gloria - Advances in Intelligent Decision Technologies, ebook

Advances in Intelligent Decision Technologies

Phillips-Wren, Gloria


General Application of a Decision Support Framework for Software Testing Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques
Deane Larkman, Masoud Mohammadian, Bala Balachandran, Ric Jentzsch
6. A Double-Shell Design Approach for Multiobjective Optimal Design of Microgrids