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Exworthy, Mark - Managing Improvement in Healthcare, ebook

Managing Improvement in Healthcare

Exworthy, Mark


Quality Improvement: Aims, Approaches and Context
1. Evolving Dimensions of Quality Care: Comparing Physician and Managerial Perspectives
Rebecca Amati, Robert H. Brook, Amer A. Kaissi, Annegret F. Hannawa
2. Multi-level

Harrington, J. Timothy - Great Health Care, ebook

Great Health Care

Harrington, J. Timothy


Why Has the US Health System Become What It Is?
J. Timothy Harrington
4. Making Chronic Disease Care Great
J. Timothy Harrington
5. Building Systems of Care
Eric D. Newman
6. Problem Solving
Eric D. Newman
7. Testing and Implementing

Bastian, Nathaniel D. - Healthcare Systems Engineering, ebook

Healthcare Systems Engineering

Bastian, Nathaniel D.


You'll learn how to approach the healthcare industry as a complex system, and apply relevant design and engineering principles and processes to advance improvements. Written with an eye toward practicality, this book is designed to maximize your understanding and help

Wickramasinghe, Nilmini - Lean Thinking for Healthcare, ebook

Lean Thinking for Healthcare

Wickramasinghe, Nilmini


Initiatives of Service-Oriented Architecture Towards Performance Improvement in Healthcare
Fatemeh Hoda Moghimi, Nilmini Wickramasinghe
7. Adapted Lean Thinking for Emergency Departments: Information Quality Perspective
Latif Al-Hakim
Part II. Applications