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Thielscher, Michael - Reasoning Robots, ebook

Reasoning Robots

Thielscher, Michael


Table of contents
1. Special Fluent Calculus
2. Special FLUX
3. General Fluent Calculus
4. General FLUX
5. Knowledge Programming
6. Planning
7. Nondeterminism
8. Imprecision*
9. Indirect Effects: Ramification Problem*
10. Troubleshooting: Qualification Problem
11. Robotics


Riccia, Giacomo - Preferences and Similarities, ebook

Preferences and Similarities

Riccia, Giacomo


Table of contents
Chapter 1. Similarity, Dominance, Fuzzy Logic and Efficiency
1. Similarity of Fuzzy Sets and Dominance of Random Variables: a Quest for Transitivity
Bernard Baets
2. A Logic-based View of Similarities and Preferences
Enrique H. Ruspini
3. An overview of bipolar qualitative decision rules