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Bogsnes, Bjarte - Implementing Beyond Budgeting: Unlocking the Performance Potential, ebook

Implementing Beyond Budgeting: Unlocking the Performance Potential

Bogsnes, Bjarte


The future of management is here!
Traditional management was invented for very different times and is today in serious trouble. The level of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in business environments is record high. People’s expectations towards their employers and leaders have also radically changed. A

Šmite, Darja - Agility Across Time and Space, ebook

Agility Across Time and Space

Šmite, Darja


Tailoring Agility: Promiscuous Pair Story Authoring and Value Calculation
Steve Tendon
5. Scrum and Global Delivery: Pitfalls and Lessons Learned
Cristiano Sadun
6. Onshore and Offshore Outsourcing with Agility:

Jost, Wolfram - AGILITY by ARIS Business Process Management, ebook

AGILITY by ARIS Business Process Management

Jost, Wolfram


Table of contents
Part I:.Business Process Lifecycle
1. ARIS — Software, Method and Instrument
Helmut Kruppke, Wolfram Jost, Herbert Kindermann
2. Business Processes Support Growth at BMW Group Financial Services
Nicolas Lacker
3. Practical Implication and Use of Process Management at T-Mobile Czech Republic,