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Ryall, J.T.W. - A Copernican Critique of Kantian Idealism, ebook

A Copernican Critique of Kantian Idealism

Ryall, J.T.W.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
J. T. W. Ryall
2. Reversing Perspectives
J. T. W. Ryall
3. Experience and the Human Object
J. T. W. Ryall
4. Experience and Physical Reality
J. T. W. Ryall
5. Kant’s ‘Applied Metaphysics’

Altman, Matthew C. - The Palgrave Handbook of German Idealism, ebook

The Palgrave Handbook of German Idealism

Altman, Matthew C.


Kant’s Legacy for German Idealism: Versions of Autonomy
Paul Guyer
4. Kant’s Three Transcendentals, Explanation, and the Hypothesis of Pure Apperception
Timothy Rosenkoetter
5. Moral Goodness and Human Equality in Kant’s Ethical Theory

Schulting, Dennis - Kant's Idealism, ebook

Kant's Idealism

Schulting, Dennis


Kant’s Idealism: The Current Debate
Dennis Schulting
2. Kant’s Idealism on a Moderate Interpretation
Karl Ameriks
3. Objects and Objectivity in Kant’s First Critique
Manfred Baum

Skodo, Admir - The Afterlife of Idealism, ebook

The Afterlife of Idealism

Skodo, Admir


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Admir Skodo
2. Revisionist Potential: Historical Thought from Absolute to New Idealism
Admir Skodo
3. The Philosophical Moment in Postwar Historiography
Admir Skodo
4. Revisionist Whiggism:…

Munk, Reinier - Hermann Cohen’s Critical Idealism, ebook

Hermann Cohen’s Critical Idealism

Munk, Reinier


Critical Idealism and the Concept of Culture: Philosophy of culture in Hermann Cohen and Ernst Cassirer
Ursula Renz
13. Maimonidean Elements in Hermann Cohen’s Philosophy of Religion
Arthur Hyman
14. Critical Idealism

Carew, Joseph - Rethinking German Idealism, ebook

Rethinking German Idealism

Carew, Joseph


The Meaning of Transcendental Idealism in the Work of F.W.J. Schelling
Alexander Schnell
4. ‘Animals, Those Incessant Somnambulists’: A Critique of Schelling’s Anthropocentrism
Devin Zane Shaw
5. The Non-existence of the Absolute: Schelling’s

Guillán, Amanda - Pragmatic Idealism and Scientific Prediction, ebook

Pragmatic Idealism and Scientific Prediction

Guillán, Amanda


Table of contents
Part I. General Coordinates, Semantic Features, and Logical Components of Scientific Prediction
1. Scientific Prediction in a System of Pragmatic Idealism
Amanda Guillán
2. Analysis of Scientific Prediction from Language