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Rønnow-Rasmussen, Toni - Recent Work on Intrinsic Value, ebook

Recent Work on Intrinsic Value

Rønnow-Rasmussen, Toni


Table of contents
Part I. Identifying the Concept of Intrinsic Value
1. Intrinsic Value
R. M. Chisholm
2. Isolating Intrinsic Value
E. Bodanszky, E. Conee
3. Defining Intrinsic Value
R. M. Chisholm
4. The Concept of Intrinsic Value
N. M. Lemos
5. Should We Pass the Buck?
J. Dancy

Kaufeld, John - Access 2003 For Dummies, ebook

Access 2003 For Dummies

Kaufeld, John


When you hear the word “database,” do your eyes glaze over? Does the mention of fields and tables make your blood pressure skyrocket? Does the idea of entering and using hyperlinks make you hyperventilate?
Whether you’re running a business or a household . . . whether you need to be able to quickly access customer