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Caignaert, Guy - Advances in Hydroinformatics, ebook

Advances in Hydroinformatics

Caignaert, Guy


Development of a Hydraulic Modelling Platform Within an Open-Source Environment
Camille Duran, Thierry Lepelletier, Vincent Mora
8. Multi-step Flow Routing Using Artificial Neural Networks for Decision Support
Euan Russano, Dirk Schwanenberg
9. Modeling

Cen, Kefa - Challenges of Power Engineering and Environment, ebook

Challenges of Power Engineering and Environment

Cen, Kefa


Testing and Thermodynamic Analysis of Low-Grade Heat Power Generation System Using Organic Rankine Cycle
Wei Gu, Yiwu Weng, Guangyi Cao
17. Optimization Calculation of Characteristic Parameters of Gas-steam Combined Cycle System Combusting Crude Gas and Purge