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Chen, Hsiao-Hwa - The Next Generation CDMA Technologies, ebook

The Next Generation CDMA Technologies

Chen, Hsiao-Hwa


Future wireless communication systems should be operating mainly, if not completely, on burst data services carrying multimedia traffic.The need to support high-speed burst traffic has already posed a great challenge to all currently available air-link…

Sriraman, Bharath - The Elements of Creativity and Giftedness in Mathematics, ebook

The Elements of Creativity and Giftedness in Mathematics

Sriraman, Bharath


Table of contents
1. What are the Elements of Giftedness and Creativity in Mathematics?
Bharath Sriraman, Kyeong Hwa Lee
2. An Exploratory Study of Relationships between Students’ Creativity and Mathematical Problem-Posing Abilities
Xianwei Yuan, Bharath Sriraman
3. Are Mathematically Talented Elementary

Chen, Hsiao-Hwa - Next Generation Wireless Systems and Networks, ebook

Next Generation Wireless Systems and Networks

Chen, Hsiao-Hwa


Next Generation Wireless Systems and Networks offers an expert view of cutting edge Beyond 3rd Generation (B3G) wireless applications. This self-contained reference combines the basics of wireless communications, such as 3G wireless standards, spread…

Embree, Lester - Political Phenomenology, ebook

Political Phenomenology

Embree, Lester


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Hwa Yol Jung
Part I. Foreground: Staging Agenda for Political Phenomenology
2. Is a Rational Politics a Real Possibility?
William McBride
3. Geophilosophy, the Life-World, and the Political

Wang, Lawrence K. - Environmental Biotechnology, ebook

Environmental Biotechnology

Wang, Lawrence K.


Table of contents
1. Applications of Environmental Biotechnology
Volodymyr Ivanov, Yung-Tse Hung
2. Microbiology of Environmental Engineering Systems
Volodymyr Ivanov
3. Microbial Systematics
Aharon Oren
4. Microbial Ecology

Wang, Lawrence K. - Environmental Bioengineering, ebook

Environmental Bioengineering

Wang, Lawrence K.


Ultrasound Pretreatment of Sludge for Anaerobic Digestion
Kuan Yeow Show, Joo Hwa Tay, Yung-Tse Hung
3. Solubilization of Sewage Sludge to Improve Anaerobic Digestion
Tsuyoshi Imai, Yuyu Liu, Masao Ukita, Yung-Tse Hung
4. Applications of Composted Solid

Jeong, Hwa Young - Advanced in Computer Science and its Applications, ebook

Advanced in Computer Science and its Applications

Jeong, Hwa Young


Table of contents
1. Fast Mode Decision Algorithm Based on Adaptive Search Direction for Combined Scalability in Scalable Video Coding
Tae-Jung Kim, Yeon-Kyu Jeong, Byung-Gyu Kim, Gwang-Soo Hong
2. Monitoring and Automatic Control for Heating System of the Plant
Roman Kuznetsov, Valeri Chipulis
3. Distributed