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Flagg, Stephen - Alphabet Autos, ebook

Alphabet Autos

Flagg, Stephen


An A to Z of classic cars, beautifully brought to life in rhyme and pictures. This wonderfully illustrated eBook will delight children and car-loving parents alike!

Blair, John - Waterways and Canal-Building in Medieval England, ebook

Waterways and Canal-Building in Medieval England

Blair, John


England is naturally well-endowed with a network of navigable rivers, especially the easterly systems draining into the Thames, Wash and Humber. The central middle ages saw innovative and extensive development of this network, including the digging of canals bypassing

Clift, Roland - Taking Stock of Industrial Ecology, ebook

Taking Stock of Industrial Ecology

Clift, Roland


Table of contents
Part I. State-of-the-Art and Discussions of Research Issues
1. Industrial Ecology’s First Decade
T. E. Graedel, R. J. Lifset
2. Prospective Models of Society’s Future Metabolism: What Industrial Ecology Has to Contribute
Stefan Pauliuk, Edgar G. Hertwich
3. Life Cycle Sustainability

Gray, Stefan - Environmental Modeling with Stakeholders, ebook

Environmental Modeling with Stakeholders

Gray, Stefan


Table of contents
Part I. The Process of Environmental Modeling with Stakeholders
1. Cognitive, Material and Technological Considerations in Participatory Environmental Modeling
Michael Paolisso, Jeremy Trombley
2. Learning Through Participatory Modeling: Reflections on What It Means and How It Is Measured

Kamiński, Bogumił - Advances in Social Simulation, ebook

Advances in Social Simulation

Kamiński, Bogumił


Table of contents
1. Towards Validating Social Network Simulations
Syed Muhammad Ali Abbas, Shah Jamal Alam, Bruce Edmonds
2. On the Quality of a Social Simulation Model: A Lifecycle Framework
Claudio Cioffi-Revilla
3. A New Framework for ABMs Based on Argumentative Reasoning
Simone Gabbriellini, Paolo

Proulx, Tom - Civil Engineering Topics, Volume 4, ebook

Civil Engineering Topics, Volume 4

Proulx, Tom


Table of contents
1. Multi-Dimensional Calibration of Impact Dynamic Models
Lucas G. Horta, Mercedes C. Reaves, Martin S. Annett, Karen E. Jackson
2. Dynamic analysis of railway bridges by means of the spectral method
Giuseppe Catania, Silvio Sorrentino
3. Advanced Operational Modal Analysis Methods for Linear