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Carr, Stuart C. - Humanitarian Work Psychology, ebook

Humanitarian Work Psychology

Carr, Stuart C.


From Humanitarian to Humanistic Work Psychology: The Morality of Business
Joel Letkowitz
Part II. Applications
6. The New Diplomacies and Humanitarian Work Psychology
Raymond Saner, Lichia Yiu
7. Motivating the Teacher Workforce in Uganda

Taylor, Eugene - The Mystery of Personality, ebook

The Mystery of Personality

Taylor, Eugene


Psychodynamics, Gestalt Psychology, and Personality Theory at Harvard
Eugene Taylor
10. Anthropologists, Gestaltists, Jungians, and the Pastoral Theologians of New York
Eugene Taylor
11. An Existential-Humanistic

Barker, Sue - Vital Notes for Nurses: Psychology, ebook

Vital Notes for Nurses: Psychology

Barker, Sue


Vital Notes for Nurses: Psychology provides a concise, accessible introduction to key psychological theories and outlines their relevance to nursing practice. Divided into seven chapters, the first offers a preliminary insight into the different perspectives in psychology:

Kreuter, Eric A. - Fostering Resilience for Loss and Irrelevance, ebook

Fostering Resilience for Loss and Irrelevance

Kreuter, Eric A.


Expectations Versus Reality: A Humanistic and Practical Perspective
Eric A. Kreuter, Kenneth M. Moltner
11. Application of the Enduring Attitude as a Key to Self-Improvement
Eric A. Kreuter
12. Conclusions
Eric A. Kreuter
13. Afterword