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Cummings, Dolan - Debating Humanism, ebook

Debating Humanism

Cummings, Dolan


Features a cross-disciplinary dialogue among writers who are sympathetic to the humanist tradition and interested in developing a new humanist project through debate.

Amann, Wolfgang - World Humanism, ebook

World Humanism

Amann, Wolfgang


Economic Humanism and Western Management: Theory and Practice
Sigmund Wagner-Tsukamoto
3. Humanistic Management and North American Business Ethics
Joseph A. Petrick
4. Alterity, Otherness and Humanistic Management in Latin America: Bancoldex and Views

Pinn, Anthony B. - Humanism and Technology, ebook

Humanism and Technology

Pinn, Anthony B.


Humans, Humanities, and Humanism in an Age of Technology
Willem B. Drees
3. Which Humanist Are You? Reflections on Our Trans- and Posthumanity
William Grassie
4. E-Racing Identity? Black Bodies On and Off the Technological (Chopping) Block

Veugelers, Wiel - Education and Humanism, ebook

Education and Humanism

Veugelers, Wiel


Literary Humanism in Multicultural Education
Martien Schreurs
10. Teachers’ Training Towards Active Involvement in the Public Domain
Esther Yogev
11. Humanistic Teaching in Practice
Dieuwertje Bakker
12. Fostering Humanity Through Interpretive

Hoffmann, Christine - Stupid Humanism, ebook

Stupid Humanism

Hoffmann, Christine


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Spamming the Renaissance
Christine Hoffmann
2. Middling Through Somehow: Queer Temporality and the Disaster Meme
Christine Hoffmann
3. Folly 2020! The Campaign for Foolishness in Twenty-First-Century…

Miller, Monica R. - Humanism in a Non-Humanist World, ebook

Humanism in a Non-Humanist World

Miller, Monica R.


Humanism in a Non-humanist World
2. World-Views as Options—Humanistic and Non-humanistic
Matthias Jung
3. Us vs. Them: But Who Is Us and Who Is Them?
Herb Silverman
4. Secular Voices of Color—Digital Storytelling
Elonda Clay, Christopher

Copson, Andrew - The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Humanism, ebook

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Humanism

Copson, Andrew


The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Humanism presents an edited collection of essays that explore the nature of Humanism as an approach to life, and a philosophical analysis of the key humanist propositions from naturalism and science to morality and meaning.

Mousley, Andy - Towards a New Literary Humanism, ebook

Towards a New Literary Humanism

Mousley, Andy


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Andy Mousley
Part I. Literature as Ersatz Theology: Deep Selves
2. Introduction
Andy Mousley
3. Faith, Feeling, Reality
Rebecca Styler
4. Virginia Woolf, Sympathy and Feeling for the Human
Kirsty Martin
5. Being Human and Being Animal in Twentieth-Century