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Roth, John K. - Genocide and Human Rights, ebook

Genocide and Human Rights

Roth, John K.


Philosophy’s Obligation to the Human Being in the Aftermath of Genocide
Paul C. Santilli
Part IV. Resistance, Responsibility, and Human Rights: Philosophy’s Response to Genocide

Cheng, Grace - Nationalism and Human Rights, ebook

Nationalism and Human Rights

Cheng, Grace


The Relationship between Nationalism and Human Rights: An Introduction to the Dimensions of the Debate
Grace Cheng
2. Human Rights as a Security Challenge: An Examination of Turkish Nationalist Discourse on Minority Rights

Brysk, Alison - The Future of Human Rights, ebook

The Future of Human Rights

Brysk, Alison


Human rights have fallen on hard times, yet they are more necessary than ever. People all over the world – from Amazonian villages to Iranian prisons – need human rights

Avonius, Leena - Human Rights in Asia, ebook

Human Rights in Asia

Avonius, Leena


From Marsinah to Munir: Grounding Human Rights in Indonesia
Leena Avonius
7. From “Asian Values” to Singapore Exceptionalism
Laurence Wai-Teng Leong
8. Human Rights in Thailand: Rhetoric or Substance on “Asian

Frezzo, Mark - The Sociology of Human Rights, ebook

The Sociology of Human Rights

Frezzo, Mark


Long the arena of philosophers, legal scholars, and political scientists, the interdisciplinary study of human rights has recently seen an influx of sociologists. Why is this so, and how do sociologists contribute to our understanding of human

Jiang, Na - China and International Human Rights, ebook

China and International Human Rights

Jiang, Na


Table of contents
1. A General Theory on International Human Rights Standards
Na Jiang
2. China’s Cooperation (with the International Human Rights System)
Na Jiang
3. The Death Penalty and International Human Rights Law
Na Jiang
4. The Death Penalty: China’s Practice and Policy
Na Jiang

Grear, Anna - Redirecting Human Rights, ebook

Redirecting Human Rights

Grear, Anna


The Liberal Subject of Rights, Capitalism and the Corporation
Anna Grear
6. A Genealogy of Quasi-Disembodiment in International Human Rights Law
Anna Grear
7. The Centrality of Human Embodiment
Anna Grear
8. Embodied Vulnerability and the Universal