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Messmer, Max - Human Resources Kit For Dummies, ebook

Human Resources Kit For Dummies

Messmer, Max


Now, more than ever, businesses recognize that finding (and keeping) a highly skilled and motivated workforce is pivotal to success. Maybe you're a business owner and your company is growing, or you're an employee at a small-

Bishop, Marc - HR for Small Business For Dummies - UK, ebook

HR for Small Business For Dummies - UK

Bishop, Marc


Your handy, authoritative guide to small business HR
Packed with practical tips and advice on how to handle tricky people situations in the workplace, this friendly guide shows anyone without a ton of HR experience how to correctly—and legally—utilise HR practises within a small

Pettinger, Richard - Business Studies For Dummies, ebook

Business Studies For Dummies

Pettinger, Richard


Your hands-on introduction to modern business and business education
Whether you're deciding on a course of study, headed to university, or settling down to your first year, Business Studies For Dummies provides