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Messmer, Max - Human Resources Kit For Dummies, ebook

Human Resources Kit For Dummies

Messmer, Max


Human Resources Kit For Dummies is your one-stop resource for learning the nuts and bolts of HR. It gives you forms and templates that you can put to immediate and productive use.New information on anti-discrimination legislation; measuring performance; hiring, firing,

Bogardus, Anne - Human Resources JumpStart, ebook

Human Resources JumpStart

Bogardus, Anne


Launch Your Human Resources Career—Quickly and Effectively
Written by an experienced HR specialist, Human Resources JumpStart provides all the core information

Fitz-enz, Jac - Predictive Analytics for Human Resources, ebook

Predictive Analytics for Human Resources

Fitz-enz, Jac


Create and run a human resource analytics project with confidence
For any human resource professional that wants to harness the power of analytics, this essential resource answers the questions: "Where do I start?" and "What tools are available?"

König, Christian - Human Resources, ebook

Human Resources

König, Christian


Table of contents
1. Begrüßung durch die Direktorin beim Statistischen Bundesamt
Sibylle Oppeln-Bronikowski
2. Ausbildungsqualität als Ergebnisoptimierung
Frank Faulbaum
3. Methodenausbildung beim Bachelor und Master im Fach Soziologie