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Hacker, P. M. S. - Human Nature: The Categorial Framework, ebook

Human Nature: The Categorial Framework

Hacker, P. M. S.


This major new study by one of the most penetrating and persistent critics of philosophical and scientific orthodoxy, returns to Aristotle in order to examine the salient categories in terms of which we think about ourselves and our nature, and the distinctive forms of explanation we invoke

Haldane, John - Art, Morality and Human Nature, ebook

Art, Morality and Human Nature

Haldane, John


This collection brings together the text of the monograph Art and Morality by the philosopher Richard Beardsmore along with fourteen other essays (both published and previously unpublished) in which he explores further some of the themes of his seminal…

Tzafestas, Spyros G. - Human and Nature Minding Automation, ebook

Human and Nature Minding Automation

Tzafestas, Spyros G.


Human Factors in Automation (II): Psychological, Physical Strength, Human Error and Human Values Factors
Spyros G. Tzafestas
4. Human–Machine Interaction in Automation (I): Basic Concepts and Devices
Spyros G. Tzafestas

Marchesini, Roberto - Over the Human, ebook

Over the Human

Marchesini, Roberto


Table of contents
1. The Epimethan Condition
Roberto Marchesini
2. The Promethean Condition
Roberto Marchesini
3. The Therianthropic Being as Our Neighbour
Roberto Marchesini
4. Overcoming the Human
Roberto Marchesini

Habermas, Jürgen - The Future of Human Nature, ebook

The Future of Human Nature

Habermas, Jürgen


As we begin to contemplate the possibility of intervening in the human genome to prevent diseases, we cannot help but feel that the human species might soon be able to take its biological evolution in its own hands. ‘Playing

Sharon, Tamar - Human Nature in an Age of Biotechnology, ebook

Human Nature in an Age of Biotechnology

Sharon, Tamar


The Human Enhancement Debate: For, Against and from Human Nature
Tamar Sharon
4. Towards a Non-Humanist Posthumanism: The Originary Prostheticity of Radical and Methodological Posthumanism
Tamar Sharon
5. From Molar to Molecular Bodies: Posthumanist

Tolleneer, Jan - AthleticEnhancement, Human Nature and Ethics, ebook

AthleticEnhancement, Human Nature and Ethics

Tolleneer, Jan


Introduction: Human Nature as a Promising Concept to Make Sense of the Spirit of Sport
Pieter Bonte, Jan Tolleneer, Paul Schotsmans, Sigrid Sterckx
2. Self, Other, Play, Display and Humanity: Development of a Five-Level

Fox, John G. - Marx, the Body, and Human Nature, ebook

Marx, the Body, and Human Nature

Fox, John G.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Evading the Body
John G. Fox
2. Early Influences: Pain and Promise
John G. Fox
3. Spinoza’s Revolution
John G. Fox
4. Hegel: Wrestling with Desire
John G. Fox
5. Feuerbach: Embracing…