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D'Août, Kristiaan - Primate Locomotion, ebook

Primate Locomotion

D'Août, Kristiaan


Primate Locomotion: Toward a Synergy of Laboratory and Field Research
Evie Estelle Vereecke, Kristiaan D’Août
2. Translating Primate Locomotor Biomechanical Variables from the Laboratory to the Field
Daniel Schmitt
3. Studying Captive Ape Locomotion:

Estremera, Joaquin - Quadrupedal Locomotion, ebook

Quadrupedal Locomotion

Estremera, Joaquin


Table of contents
Part I. Walking Measurements and Algorithms
1. Walking Robots
2. Stability in Walking Robots
3. Generation of Periodic Gaits
4. Generation of Non-periodic Gaits
5. New Approaches to Stability
Part II. Control Techniques
6. Kinematics and Dynamics
7. Improving Leg Speed by Soft Computing

Abba, Gabriel - Bipedal Robots: Modeling, Design and Walking Synthesis, ebook

Bipedal Robots: Modeling, Design and Walking Synthesis

Abba, Gabriel

From 162,20€

Some general information on the human walking, a presentation of the current experimental biped robots, and the application of walking bipeds are given. The modeling is based on the decomposition on a walking step into different sub-phases depending on the way each

Hovers, Erella - Human Paleontology and Prehistory, ebook

Human Paleontology and Prehistory

Hovers, Erella


Why Was Human Evolution So Rapid?
Ian Tattersall
2. Wallace’s Controversy with Darwin on Man’s Mental Evolution, on the Position of the Natives in Human Evolution, and His Anticipation of Cultural Evolution, as Distinct

Steinicke, Frank - Human Walking in Virtual Environments, ebook

Human Walking in Virtual Environments

Steinicke, Frank


Sensing Human Walking: Algorithms and Techniques for Extracting and Modeling Locomotion
Franck Multon
9. Locomotion Interfaces
Hiroo Iwata
10. Implementing Walking in Virtual Environments
Gerd Bruder, Frank Steinicke
11. Stepping-Driven Locomotion

Angeles, Jorge - Brain, Body and Machine, ebook

Brain, Body and Machine

Angeles, Jorge


Dynamic Locomotion with a Wheeled-Legged Quadruped Robot
I. Sharf
24. Underactuated Cable-Driven Robots: Machine, Control and Suspended Bodies
Clément Gosselin, Simon Lefrançois, Nathaniel Zoso
25. Computing the Rigid-Body Acceleration Field from