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Davis, Boyd H. - Alzheimer Talk, Text and Context, ebook

Alzheimer Talk, Text and Context

Davis, Boyd H.


There was an Old Woman: Maintenance of Identity by People with Alzheimer’s Dementia
Dena Shenk
2. Evidencing Kitwood’s Personhood Strategies: Conversation as Care in Dementia
Ellen Bouchard Ryan, Kerry Byrne, Hendrika Spykerman, J. B. Orange

Hart-Davis, Adam - Talking Science, ebook

Talking Science

Hart-Davis, Adam


Adam Hart Davis has interviewed some of the most influential scientists and thinkers of our time. In this fascinating insight into modern science he presents the stories behind the science, the difficulties behind the discoveries and the future of the findings, as explained by the people themselves.
Adam Hart Davis

Brennan, Jack - Straight Talk on Investing: What You Need to Know, ebook

Straight Talk on Investing: What You Need to Know

Brennan, Jack


Classic investment guidance for everyone
As Chairman and CEO of one of the most respected mutual fund companies in the world, The Vanguard Group, Jack Brennan has made a career out of helping people invest for long-term success. In Straight Talk