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Gabryanczyk, Daria - Polish For Dummies, ebook

Polish For Dummies

Gabryanczyk, Daria


It is pronounced phonetically and has several unique characters in its alphabet, but with Polish For Dummies in hand, you'll find yourself speaking like a local in no time. Packed with practical lessons, handy cultural facts, and

Christensen, Paulina - German Essentials For Dummies, ebook

German Essentials For Dummies

Christensen, Paulina

From 10,00€

Focuses on everything from grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciations to verb forms and tenses Perfect for a refresher or a quick reference Aids you in writing assignments, tests, and conversational German
If you have some knowledge of German and want to polish your

Rozbicki, Michal Jan - Perspectives on Interculturality, ebook

Perspectives on Interculturality

Rozbicki, Michal Jan


Tourist Destination Marketing and Interculturality: The Polish City of Kraków in the British Press
Irmina Wawrzyczek
13. Do the Folk Believe that They Can Speak Their Way into Interculturality?
Kara McBride, Jingyun

Kounine, Laura - Emotions in the History of Witchcraft, ebook

Emotions in the History of Witchcraft

Kounine, Laura


Table of contents
1. Introduction: ‘Unbridled Passion’ and the History of Witchcraft
Michael Ostling, Laura Kounine
Part I. In Representation
2. Fear and Devotion in the Writings of Heinrich Institoris
Tamar Herzig
3. The Cruelty of Witchcraft: The Drawings of Jacques de Gheyn the Younger