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Hellman, Erik - Android Programming: Pushing the Limits, ebook

Android Programming: Pushing the Limits

Hellman, Erik


Unleash the power of the Android OS and build the kinds of brilliant, innovative apps users love to use
If you already know your way around the Android OS and can build a simple Android app in under an hour, this

Lee, Wei-Meng - Beginning Android 4 Application Development, ebook

Beginning Android 4 Application Development

Lee, Wei-Meng


Understand Android OS for both smartphone and tablet programming
This fast-paced introduction to the newest release of Android OS gives aspiring mobile app developers what they need to know to program for today's hottest Android

Sandberg, Roy - The Business of Android Apps Development, ebook

The Business of Android Apps Development

Sandberg, Roy


The Android Market: A Background
Roy Sandberg, Mark Rollins
2. Making Sure Your App Will Succeed
Roy Sandberg, Mark Rollins
3. Legal Issues: Better Safe than Sorry
Roy Sandberg, Mark Rollins
4. A Brief Introduction to Android Development

Ramnath, Rajiv - Android 3 SDK Programming For Dummies, ebook

Android 3 SDK Programming For Dummies

Ramnath, Rajiv


Get quickly up to speed with the latest Android SDK
Aimed at object oriented programmers, this straightforward-but-fun book serves as the most efficient way to understand Android, update an existing Android application, port a mobile application from