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Sambath, Sabo - Frontiers in Computer Education, ebook

Frontiers in Computer Education

Sambath, Sabo


Research on the Role of “Mobile Programming” Course in Teaching Curriculum Reform of Computer Science and Technology
Jia-lin Jiao, Zeng-gang Xiong, Xue-min Zhang, Jian-xin Chen
12. Research and Practice on Cooperative Education Pattern for Higher Vocational

Chambers, Mark L. - iMac For Dummies, ebook

iMac For Dummies

Chambers, Mark L.


The bestselling guide to the ultimate all-in-one computer—now updated and revised throughout!
If you're looking for speed, performance, and power, the iMac is the ultimate all-in-one computer. From its superior performance, powerful operating system, and amazing applications, the

Hart-Davis, Guy - Learn Excel 2011 for Mac, ebook

Learn Excel 2011 for Mac

Hart-Davis, Guy


Table of contents
Part I. Becoming Proficient with Excel:Mac
1. Learning the Secrets of the Excel:Mac Interface
Guy Hart-Davis
2. Configuring Excel:Mac to Suit the Way You Work
Guy Hart-Davis
3. Creating Effective Workbooks and Templates
Guy Hart-Davis
4. Formatting Your Worksheets Quickly and Efficiently

Congress, Axely - Mac OS X Lion Made Simple, ebook

Mac OS X Lion Made Simple

Congress, Axely


Table of contents
Part I. Mac OSX Lion Quick Start Guide
1. Getting Around Quickly
Axely Congress
Part II. Introduction
2. Welcome to Mac OS X Lion!
Axely Congress
Part III. You and Your Lion...
3. Getting Started With Lion
Axely Congress
4. Getting Around in Lion
Axely Congress

Berube, David - Practical Ruby Gems, ebook

Practical Ruby Gems

Berube, David


Table of contents
Part 1. Using RubyGems
1. What Is RubyGems?
2. Installing RubyGems
3. Using RubyGems in Your Code
4. Managing Installed Gem Versions
Part 2. Using Particular Gems
5. Data Access with the ActiveRecord Gem
6. Easy Text Markup with the BlueCloth Gem
7. Creating Web Applications with

Guo, Minyi - New Horizons of Parallel and Distributed Computing, ebook

New Horizons of Parallel and Distributed Computing

Guo, Minyi


Scheduling Parallel Tasks onto Numa Multiprocessors with Inter-Processor Communication Overhead
Guan-Joe Lai
8. Energy Aware Scheduling for Heterogeneous Real-Time Embedded Systems Using Genetics Algorithms
Man Lin, Sai Man Ng
9. Dynamic Clustering

Liu, Huan - Social Computing, Behavioral Modeling, and Prediction, ebook

Social Computing, Behavioral Modeling, and Prediction

Liu, Huan


Table of contents
1. Rational Choice Theory: A Forum for Exchange of Ideas between the Hard and Social Sciences in Predictive Behavioral Modeling
Sun-Ki Chai
2. The SOMA Terror Organization Portal (STOP): social network and analytic tools for the real-time analysis of terror groups
Amy Sliva, V.S. Subrahmanian,

Mansfield, Richard - Mastering VBA for Microsoft Office 2013, ebook

Mastering VBA for Microsoft Office 2013

Mansfield, Richard


A unique, comprehensive guide to creating custom apps with VBA
Automating computing tasks to increase productivity is a goal for businesses of all sizes. Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a version of Visual Basic designed to be easily understandable for novice programmers, but still