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Weisburd, David - Putting Crime in its Place, ebook

Putting Crime in its Place

Weisburd, David


Crime, Neighborhoods, and Units of Analysis: Putting Space in Its Place
George E. Tita, Robert T. Greenbaum
8. Predictive Mapping of Crime by ProMap: Accuracy, Units of Analysis, and the Environmental Backcloth

Martin, Ron - Putting Workfare in Place: Local Labour Markets and the New Deal, ebook

Putting Workfare in Place: Local Labour Markets and the New Deal

Martin, Ron


This book is the first comprehensive and authoritative analysis of the New Deal and examines how far the programme has succeeded in responding to the diversity of conditions in local labour markets across the UK.
Argues that profound differences in local labour market conditions have exerted a telling influence on the New

Shenasa, Mohammad - Cardiac Mapping, ebook

Cardiac Mapping

Shenasa, Mohammad


Cardiac Mapping is the cardiac electrophysiologist’s GPS. It will guide you to new places in the heart and help you find the old places more easily…a valuable addition to your bookshelf
Douglas P. Zipes, from the Foreword.
Over the course of three previous editions, this

Sanger, Tam - Mapping Intimacies, ebook

Mapping Intimacies

Sanger, Tam


On Putting Down and Destroying: Affective Economies of a Women-Only Club in Istanbul
Evren Savcı
7. Queering Care in Later Life: The Lived Experiences and Intimacies of Older Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Adults
Andrew King, Ann Cronin
8. ‘She Expected

Huddleston, Rob - Android Fully Loaded, ebook

Android Fully Loaded

Huddleston, Rob


Topics run the gamut from using speech recognition, location-based mapping, and GPS, to setting up your Android as a broadband modem and much more. Helps you get the most out of your Android smartphone and related technology, including Motorola Droid 2, Motorola Photon