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Ryan-Collins, Josh - Why Can't You Afford a Home?, ebook

Why Can't You Afford a Home?

Ryan-Collins, Josh


Throughout the Western world, a whole generation is being priced out of the housing market. For millions of people, particularly millennials, the basic goal of acquiring decent, affordable accommodation is a distant dream.
Leading economist Josh Ryan-Collins argues that to understand

Phang, Sock-Yong - Housing Finance Systems, ebook

Housing Finance Systems

Phang, Sock-Yong


Why Housing Finance Systems Matter
2. Affordable Housing
Sock-Yong Phang
3. Market Failures
Sock-Yong Phang
Part II. Review of Housing Policy Instruments
4. Taxes and Subsidies
Sock-Yong Phang
5. Housing

Bandt, Olivier - Housing Markets in Europe, ebook

Housing Markets in Europe

Bandt, Olivier


Cyclical Relationships Between GDP and Housing Market in France: Facts and Factors at Play
Laurent Ferrara, Olivier Vigna
4. Does Housing Really Lead the Business Cycle in Spain?
Luis J. Álvarez, Alberto Cabrero