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Bardhan, Ashok - Global Housing Markets: Crises, Policies, and Institutions, ebook

Global Housing Markets: Crises, Policies, and Institutions

Bardhan, Ashok


A global look at the reasons behind the recent economic collapse, and the responses to it
The speculative bubble in the housing market began to burst in the United States in 2007, and has been followed by ruptures in virtually every asset market in almost every country in the world. Each

Lunde, Jens - European Housing Finance, ebook

European Housing Finance

Lunde, Jens


Twenty five years ago housing finance markets hardly existed in many European countries and where they did they had been heavily regulated. The position started to change in the 1970s and in one or two countries there was significant liberalisation in the early 1980s but the shift towards

Glicksman, Leon - Sustainable Urban Housing in China, ebook

Sustainable Urban Housing in China

Glicksman, Leon


Table of contents
Part One. Background
1. Sustainability and the Building Sector
Leon Glicksman
2. China — Environment and Culture
Leon Glicksman, Leslie Norford, Lara Greden
Part Two. Design Principles
3. Design Principles for Sustainable Urban Housing in China
Andrew Scott
4. Materials and

Chen, Jie - The Future of Public Housing, ebook

The Future of Public Housing

Chen, Jie


The Transferability of Public Housing Policy Within Asia: Reflections from the Hong Kong-Mainland China Case Study
Rebecca L. H. Chiu
2. Public Housing in Mainland China: History, Ongoing Trends, and Future Perspectives

Hawtrey, Kim - Affordable Housing Finance, ebook

Affordable Housing Finance

Hawtrey, Kim


Affordable Housing Finance in the US
Kim Hawtrey
5. Affordable Housing Finance in the UK
Kim Hawtrey
6. Affordable Housing Finance in Australia
Kim Hawtrey
7. Capital

Doling, John - Housing East Asia, ebook

Housing East Asia

Doling, John


Urban Housing Policy Changes and Challenges in China
Ya Ping Wang, Lei Shao
4. Housing, Crises and Interventions in Hong Kong
Ngai Ming Yip
5. Indonesian Housing Development Amidst Socioeconomic Transformation