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Irwin, William - House and Philosophy: Everybody Lies, ebook

House and Philosophy: Everybody Lies

Irwin, William


This latest book in the popular Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture series takes a deeper look at the characters and issues raised in this Emmy Award-winning medical drama, offering entertaining answers to the fascinating ethical questions viewers have about Dr. Gregory

Cascio, Ted - House and Psychology: Humanity Is Overrated, ebook

House and Psychology: Humanity Is Overrated

Cascio, Ted


An irresistible look within the mind and behind the hit TV drama, House
While House is a smart medical drama and Gregory House faces countless ethical quandaries as a doctor, what makes the show unique is that it's much more deeply rooted in psychology than in medicine. At its core,

Hudis, Norman - No Laughing Matter, ebook

No Laughing Matter

Hudis, Norman


For the first time, in NO LAUGHING MATTER, Norman Hudis, who wrote the first six Carry On movies, reveals his hitherto secret, decades-long and quixotic writing-activity since he left the series. It's this: He Carried On Writing Carry On stories in the hope that, one day, he'd be asked to

Hall, Simon - The Death Pictures, ebook

The Death Pictures

Hall, Simon


A serial rapist is working through a series of attacks. He isn't shy to make clear his hatred of women and taunting of the police. He leaves his calling card, a witch's hat at the houses he breaks into, each numbered from a pack of six. The media

Freestone, Nigel - The Tony Hancock Quiz Book, ebook

The Tony Hancock Quiz Book

Freestone, Nigel


Do you remember Hancock’s Half Hour? Was this iconic radio show and later TV series appointment listening and viewing in your house when you were growing up? Were you a fan of the lad? If so, you are certain to