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Hooks, Bell - Rakkaus muuttaa kaiken, ebook

Rakkaus muuttaa kaiken

Hooks, Bell


bell hooks (s. 1952) laittaa lukijansa lujemmille. Hämäräperäiset määrittelyt saavat kyytiä, kun hooks kartoittaa niin rakkautta käsittelevää kirjallisuutta kuin omaa elämäänsä. Hän paljastaa häpeämättä lapsuuden

Williams, Brad - Professional WordPress Plugin Development, ebook

Professional WordPress Plugin Development

Williams, Brad


  Learn how to create plugins using the WordPress plugin API: utilize hooks, store custom settings, craft translation files, secure your plugins, set custom user roles, integrate widgets, work with JavaScript and AJAX, , create custom post types. You’ll

Brittain, Susan - Crocheting For Dummies, + Video, ebook

Crocheting For Dummies, + Video

Brittain, Susan


In Crocheting For Dummies 3rd Edition you'll find out how to choose the right hooks and yarns to complete your project, switch colors as you go, utilize varying crochet stiches for different looks, and so much more. Companion project videos will help readers master

Biech, Elaine - The Book of Road-Tested Activities, ebook

The Book of Road-Tested Activities

Biech, Elaine


Spanning all types of activities—icebreakers, role-playing, simulations, and energizers—the book covers classic games and activities with new hooks and variations to encourage audience engagement and participation.

VanDyk, John K. - Pro Drupal Development, ebook

Pro Drupal Development

VanDyk, John K.


Table of contents
1. How Drupal Works
2. Writing a Module
3. Hooks, Actions, and Triggers
4. The Menu System
5. Working with Databases
6. Working with Users
7. Working with Nodes
8. The Theme System
9. Working with Blocks
10. The form API
11. Manipulating User Input: The Filter System

Kemper, Chris - Foundation Version Control for Web Developers, ebook

Foundation Version Control for Web Developers

Kemper, Chris


Table of contents
1. Are You Set Up? Creating a Basic Development Environment
Chris Kemper, Ian Oxley
2. In the Beginning There Were Just Files
Chris Kemper, Ian Oxley
3. Meet the Current Players in the Game: SVN, Git, and Mercurial
Chris Kemper, Ian Oxley
4. The Benefits of Version Control