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Derkley, Karin - Selling Your Home For Dummies, ebook

Selling Your Home For Dummies

Derkley, Karin


Sell your home for the best possible price
Thinking of selling up but not sure whether it's the right time, or how to go about it? From helping you decide whether selling really is the best option for you, to

Bien, Melanie - Buying and Selling a Home For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, UK Edition, ebook

Buying and Selling a Home For Dummies®, UK Edition

Bien, Melanie


No-one obsesses over property quite like the British, even though buying and selling a home can be a personal headache and a financial lucky-dip. Our newspapers groan under the weight of property supplements; TV reports constantly track house prices;

Bennie, MaryAnne - Paper Flow: 28 Day Challenge, ebook

Paper Flow: 28 Day Challenge

Bennie, MaryAnne


As featured in the best selling book Paper Flow, this system is a beautifully simple, tried and tested way to deal all the paper that enters our lives. The 28-day Challenge is your step-by-step guide to putting Paper Flow to work in any setting.
The challenge includes