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Sheth, D.L. - At Home with Democracy, ebook

At Home with Democracy

Sheth, D.L.


The Great Language Debate: Politics of Metropolitan Versus Vernacular India
D. L. Sheth
Part IV. Representation in Liberal Democracy
11. Interests and Identities: The Changing Politics of Representation
D. L. Sheth
12. Minority Politics: The Shifting

Schwartz, Mila - Successful Family Language Policy, ebook

Successful Family Language Policy

Schwartz, Mila


Achieving Success in Family Language Policy: Parents, Children and Educators in Interaction
Mila Schwartz, Anna Verschik
Part I. Family Language Ideology, Practices and Management in Interaction with Mainstream Educational

Benson, Phil - Beyond the Language Classroom, ebook

Beyond the Language Classroom

Benson, Phil


Places for Learning: Technology-mediated Language Learning Practices Beyond the Classroom
Leena Kuure
5. From Milk Cartons to English Roommates: Context and Agency in L2 Learning Beyond the Classroom
Paula Kalaja, Riikka Alanen, Åsa Palviainen, Hannele

Jain, Jasbir - The Diaspora Writes Home, ebook

The Diaspora Writes Home

Jain, Jasbir


Writing in One’s Own Language and the Grounds of Being
Jasbir Jain
7. The New Parochialism
Jasbir Jain
8. Out of the Colonial Cocoon?
Jasbir Jain
9. Routes of Passage
Jasbir Jain
10. A Bit of India
Jasbir Jain
11. In Search

Erastus, Fridah Kanana - African Youth Languages, ebook

African Youth Languages

Erastus, Fridah Kanana


An Overview of African Youth Language Practices and Their Use in Social Media, Advertising and Creative Arts
Ellen Hurst-Harosh, Fridah Kanana Erastus
Part 1. Social and Advertising Media
2. Functions of Urban and Youth Language