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DiMuzio, Daniel T. - Bread Baking: An Artisan's Perspective, ebook

Bread Baking: An Artisan's Perspective

DiMuzio, Daniel T.


A guide to making artisan breads practically and profitably, Bread Baking: An Artisan's Perspective includes step-by-step instructions on mixing, fermentation, shaping, proofing and retarding, and baking. Written for both experienced and novice bakers,

Cawood, Ian - Joseph Chamberlain, ebook

Joseph Chamberlain

Cawood, Ian


‘The People’s Bread’: A Social History of Joseph Chamberlain and the Tariff Reform Campaign
Oliver Betts
Part III. Local Icon
8. George Dixon and Joseph Chamberlain: Friends, Rivals and Even Enemies

Mukherjee, Suroopa - Surviving Bhopal, ebook

Surviving Bhopal

Mukherjee, Suroopa


Women as Bread Earners: Shattered Lives and the Relentless Struggle for Survival
Suroopa Mukherjee
6. “We Are Flames Not Flowers”: The Inception of Activism
Suroopa Mukherjee
7. “No More Bhopals”: Women’s Right to Knowledge and Control of

Davies, R. W. - The Years of Progress, ebook

The Years of Progress

Davies, R. W.


Table of contents
1. The Xvii Party Congress and the Second Five-Year Plan
R. W. Davies, Oleg V. Khlevnyuk, Stephen G. Wheatcroft
2. 1934: A Year of Relaxation: The Political Background
R. W. Davies, Oleg V. Khlevnyuk, Stephen G. Wheatcroft
3. The Economy in 1934
R. W. Davies, Oleg V. Khlevnyuk, Stephen

Broch, Ludivine - France in an Era of Global War, 1914–1945, ebook

France in an Era of Global War, 1914–1945

Broch, Ludivine


The History of Occupied Northern France in the First World War
James E. Connolly
4. Martyred Towns of the Liberation: The Case of the Massacre d’Ascq
Ludivine Broch
Part II. The Reconfiguration of the Politics of Left and Right
5. The Shooting

Bell, John - American Puppet Modernism, ebook

American Puppet Modernism

Bell, John


Beyond the Cold War: Bread and Puppet Theater at the End of the Century
John Bell
12. Old and New Materials: Wood, Paper, Metal, Plastic, Bone
John Bell