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The Rise of the Third Reich

The Rise of the Third Reich

History, World


It is the story of an entire population who let themselves be seduced and chose to ignore murder and persecution and, ultimately, willingly followed their Fuhrer into the most brutal and devastating war in history.

A World at War

A World at War

History, World


On 9th August, 1945, American pilot Charles W Sweeney threw a nuclear bomb over the Japanese city of Nagasaki. 43 seconds later, his deadly cargo exploded in the air over the port city and turned the thriving city centre into a molten ruin. Up to 70,000…

Oakeshott, Michael - What Is History?, ebook

What Is History?

Oakeshott, Michael


There are two new essays on the philosophy of education, and the essay which gives the work its title, ‘What is History?’, is just one of over half a dozen discussions of the nature of historical knowledge. Oakeshott’s later sceptical, ‘hermeneutic’, thought

Whatmore, Richard - What is Intellectual History?, ebook

What is Intellectual History?

Whatmore, Richard


What is intellectual history? Those who practice intellectual history have described themselves as eavesdroppers upon the conversations of the past, explorers of alien ideological worlds, and translators between historic societies and our own, while

Leach, Andrew - What is Architectural History?, ebook

What is Architectural History?

Leach, Andrew


What is Architectural History? considers the questions and problems posed by architectural historians since the rise of the discipline in the late nineteenth century. How do historians of architecture organise past time and relate it to the present? How does historical evidence translate

Cooke, Roger - The History of Mathematics: A Brief Course, ebook

The History of Mathematics: A Brief Course

Cooke, Roger


This new edition brings the fascinating and intriguing history of mathematics to life
The Second Edition of this internationally acclaimed text has been thoroughly revised, updated, and reorganized to give readers a fresh perspective on the evolution of mathematics. Written by one of

Payaslian, Simon - The History of Armenia, ebook

The History of Armenia

Payaslian, Simon


Table of contents
Part I. Origins and Formation
1. Dynasties and the Geopolitics of Empire: The Ervanduni and the Artashesian Dynasties
Simon Payaslian
2. Culture, Language, and Wars of Religion: Kings, Marzpans, Ostikans
Simon Payaslian

Hewitson, Mark - History and Causality, ebook

History and Causality

Hewitson, Mark


Social History, Cultural History, Other Histories
Mark Hewitson
4. Causes, Events and Evidence
Mark Hewitson
5. Time, Narrative and Causality
Mark Hewitson
6. Explanation and Understanding
Mark Hewitson
7. Theories of Action and the

Weeks, Jeffrey - What is Sexual History?, ebook

What is Sexual History?

Weeks, Jeffrey


Until the 1970s the history of sexuality was a marginalized practice. Today it is a flourishing field, increasingly integrated into the mainstream and producing innovative insights into the ways in which societies shape and are shaped by sexual values, norms, identities and desires. In this

Alexander, Sally - History and Psyche, ebook

History and Psyche

Alexander, Sally


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sally Alexander, Barbara Taylor
Part I. Freud, Freudianism, and History
2. The Psychoanalytic Corner: Notes on a Conversation with Peter Gay
Michael S. Roth
3. Freud, Fin-de-siècle Politics, and…