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Centonze, Francesco - Historical Pollution, ebook

Historical Pollution

Centonze, Francesco


Preventing and Sanctioning Historical Pollution Beyond Criminal Law: An Introduction
Francesco Centonze, Stefano Manacorda
2. The Contribution of Green Criminology to the Analysis of Historical Pollution
Lorenzo Natali

Johnston, Helen - Punishment and Control in Historical Perspective, ebook

Punishment and Control in Historical Perspective

Johnston, Helen


Resistance, Identity and Historical Change in Residential Institutions for Juvenile Delinquents, 1950–70
Abigail Wills
13. Concluding Remarks: The ‘Punitive Turn’: The Shape of Punishment and Control in Contemporary Society
Helen Johnston

Priestley, Philip - Probation and Politics, ebook

Probation and Politics

Priestley, Philip


The Rise of Risk in Probation Work: Historical Reflections and Future Speculations
Hazel Kemshall
12. Alarms and Excursions: Rhetorical Space in Criminal Justice
Philip Priestley
13. Effective Probation in England and Wales? The Rise and Fall of Evidence

Rocque, Michael - Desistance from Crime, ebook

Desistance from Crime

Rocque, Michael


Desistance in Perspective: Historical Work and the Identification of a Field of Study
Michael Rocque
3. Desistance under the Microscope: The Definition and Measurement of Desistance in Modern Criminology
Michael Rocque
4. What Do We Know? Longitudinal

Weisburd, David - Putting Crime in its Place, ebook

Putting Crime in its Place

Weisburd, David


Units of Analysis in Geographic Criminology: Historical Development, Critical Issues, and Open Questions
David Weisburd, Gerben J.N. Bruinsma, Wim Bernasco
Part II. What Is the Appropriate Level of Investigation of Crime

He, Ni - Chinese Criminal Trials, ebook

Chinese Criminal Trials

He, Ni


Table of contents
Part I. Historical Context
1. Chinese Legality
Ni He
2. Imperial Bureaucracy and Criminal Trials
Ni He
Part II. Socio-legal Context
3. Tripartite Rules: Rule of Man, Rule by Law and Rule of Law
Ni He
4. Rule of Law in China: Social Milieu and Global Survey
Ni He