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Fréchet, Julien - Historical Seismology, ebook

Historical Seismology

Fréchet, Julien


Descriptive Catalogues of Historical Earthquakes in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East; Revisited
N. N. Ambraseys
Part II. Reappraisal of Historical Earthquake Information
4. A Glimpse into the Seismicity

Conde-Silvestre, Juan Camilo - The Handbook of Historical Sociolinguistics, ebook

The Handbook of Historical Sociolinguistics

Conde-Silvestre, Juan Camilo


Features 35 newly-written essays from internationally acclaimed experts that reflect the growth and vitality of the burgeoning area of historical sociolinguisticsExamines how sociolinguistic theoretical models, methods, findings, and expertise can be used to reconstruct

Zeitlin, Irving M. - The Historical Muhammad, ebook

The Historical Muhammad

Zeitlin, Irving M.


In his quest for the historical Muhammad, Zeitlin's chief aim is to catch glimpses of the birth of Islam and the role played by its extraordinary founder. Islam, as its Prophet came to conceive it, was a strict and absolute monotheism. How Muhammad had arrived at this view is not a problem

Cheng, Yinong - Historical Farmland in China During 1661-1980, ebook

Historical Farmland in China During 1661-1980

Cheng, Yinong


Review on China’s Spatially-Explicit Historical Land Cover Datasets and Reconstruction Methods
Xiaobin Jin, Yinkang Zhou, Xuhong Yang, Yinong Cheng
3. Study Area and Data Source
Xiaobin Jin, Yinkang Zhou, Xuhong Yang, Yinong Cheng
4. The Spatial-Temporal

Centonze, Francesco - Historical Pollution, ebook

Historical Pollution

Centonze, Francesco


Preventing and Sanctioning Historical Pollution Beyond Criminal Law: An Introduction
Francesco Centonze, Stefano Manacorda
2. The Contribution of Green Criminology to the Analysis of Historical Pollution
Lorenzo Natali
3. Historical Pollution: In Search

Duara, Prasenjit - A Companion to Global Historical Thought, ebook

A Companion to Global Historical Thought

Duara, Prasenjit


A Companion to Global Historical Thought provides an in-depth overview of the development of historical thinking from the earliest times to the present, across the world, directly addressing the issues of historical

McCalman, Iain - Historical Reenactment, ebook

Historical Reenactment

McCalman, Iain


On Being a Mobile Monument: Historical Reenactments and Commemorations
Stephen Gapps
5. What Should We Do about Slavery? Slavery, Abolition and Public History
James Walvin
6. Reenactment and Neo-Realism
John Brewer
7. Textual Realism and Reenactment

Hall, Martin - Historical Archaeology, ebook

Historical Archaeology

Hall, Martin


This volume offers lively current debates and case studies in historical archaeology selected from around the world, including North America, Latin America, Africa, the Pacific, and Europe. Authored by 19 experts in the field. Explores how historical

Danto, Elizabeth Ann - Historical Research, ebook

Historical Research

Danto, Elizabeth Ann


Mastering how to pose historical questions is as essential as finding the answers. This book, from its wide-ranging coverage of historiographic theory to detailed guidelines for conducting oral history and archival research, offers clear and practical research tools: