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Thrupp, Martin - The Search for Better Educational Standards, ebook

The Search for Better Educational Standards

Thrupp, Martin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Martin Thrupp
2. High Stakes Assessment: Global Pressures and Local Responses
Martin Thrupp
3. The Kiwi Standards, Whanaketanga and the Available Research
Martin Thrupp
4. The Contested Introduction of the Kiwi Standards
Martin Thrupp
5. Neither National nor

Dorans, Neil J. - Looking Back, ebook

Looking Back

Dorans, Neil J.


Cause or Effect? Validating the Use of Tests for High-Stakes Inferences in Education
Derek C. Briggs
9. Propensity Score Matching to Extract Latent Experiments from Nonexperimental Data: A Case Study
Ben B. Hansen