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Sizer, Ted - The New American High School, ebook

The New American High School

Sizer, Ted


The late Theodore Sizer's vision for a truly democratic public high school system
Our current high schools are ill-designed and inefficient. We have inherited a program of studies that in its overall structure has not changed in over a century. The

Campbell, Craig - The Comprehensive Public High School, ebook

The Comprehensive Public High School

Campbell, Craig


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Craig Campbell, Geoffrey Sherington
2. Origins
Craig Campbell, Geoffrey Sherington
3. Postwar Planning
Craig Campbell, Geoffrey Sherington
4. Going Comprehensive
Craig Campbell, Geoffrey…

Deal, Terrence E. - Shaping School Culture, ebook

Shaping School Culture

Deal, Terrence E.


The most trusted guide to school culture, updated with current challenges and new solutions
Shaping School Culture is the classic guide to exceptional school leadership, featuring concrete guidance on influencing

High, Beth - The Student Leadership Challenge: Activities Book, ebook

The Student Leadership Challenge: Activities Book

High, Beth


The activities map to each of The Five Practices and are designed to be flexible, appropriate for high school and college students, and greatly improve students’ understanding of The Five Practices model through action. The