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Dean, David - History, Memory, Performance, ebook

History, Memory, Performance

Dean, David


Staging Auschwitz, Making Witnesses: Performances between History, Memory, and Myth
Rachel E. Bennett
11. Real Archive, Contested Memory, Fake History: Transnational Representations of Trauma by Lebanese War Generation Artists
Johnny Alam
12. Performing

Lloyd, David - Ultradian Rhythms from Molecules to Mind, ebook

Ultradian Rhythms from Molecules to Mind

Lloyd, David


Ultradian Cognitive Performance Rhythms During Sleep Deprivation
C. M. LaJambe, F. M. Brown
14. High Frequency EEG and Its Relationship to Cognitive Function
H. C. Sing
15. Total Sleep Deprivation and Cognitive Performance:

Hardy, Andrea E. - Building Performance Evaluation, ebook

Building Performance Evaluation

Hardy, Andrea E.


A Comparative Analysis of Predictive and Actual Performance of High Performance LEED™ Buildings
Ihab M. K. Elzeyadi
17. Post-Occupancy Evaluation: Research Paradigm or Diagnostic Tool
Franklin Becker
18. Towards